Franziska Stetter

Film Independent

Brand identity for the non-profit organization that champions independent film through a variety of programs and events, including the Film Independent Spirit Awards and the LA Film Festival. 

The modular system allows the words to be split up (or cut, to use film editing terms) and reassembled into multiple shapes, stacks and compositions. The lowercase “i,” stands for all the individuals who make up the organization—puts a little bit of “independence” into every word. It is also a nod to the typography of iconic title sequences like Jean-Luc Godard’s classic Made in U.S.A. and the title sequence for Birdman. One of the goals of the new identity was to shift away from the stereotype of the grungy “indie” of the 1980s and 90s to something more sleek and contemporary, but still retaining its attitude and spirit. The dynamic system is flexible, always moving, unconventional and shows the spirit of Film Independent.

2016 at Pentagram with Jonathan Correira and Todd Goldstein Creative Direction: Emily Oberman