Franziska Stetter

Up Close

As the war in Ukraine rages on, so continues the plight of millions. Among these, each person has a story to be told. This project aims to illustrate how stories of each individual ordeal can be drowned in a sea of tragedies. Hundreds of personal stories were sourced from newspapers and arranged in 4pt type. From afar this looks just like lines but can be read under closer inspection. Fragments of the stories were put under a microscope, vectorized and placed over the stories. This aggressive disfigurement, almost as destructive as the topic itself, reminiscent of barbwire and charred remains, demonstrates the mere quantity of such narratives vs. the individual tragedies behind each one.

This project is featured in Slanted 40 – Experimental type and is currently on view in the exhibiton "Salon zur Katz 1, Prozess" at Turm zur Katz in Konstanz, Germany.