Franziska Stetter


1: Gui Boratto or Hermann Hesse? (more info in Archive)
2: Silent shores. Proposed poster for Montreuz Jazz festival 2020
3 & 4: Result of a workshop held at Pioneer Works as part of the series "Second Sundays". Under the name "Tangram Typography" a unique typeface was created using the simple geometric shapes that compose the classic tangram puzzle. Each participiant created one letter using an exact amount of pieces. Scanned and compiled into a poster sized type speciment the participants created a typeface together. The speciments were printed on Riso in 2 different colors. June 10, 2018 at Pioneer Works 5: Carb Crash
6 & 7: From RISD to Mars/From Mars to RISD (more info in Archive)
8: Lady's and Gentleman's Diary (more info in Archive)
9: Never Sleep (more info in Archive)
10: French Horn Rebellion (more info in Archive)
11-13: Recodic (more info in Archive)
14: Dear World (more info in Archive)
15: Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik (more info in Archive)